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behind bars. we found they could have some very high snow levels and we will have cooler temperatures coming up. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, on this thursday morning, january 120th, i am -- january 10th, i am pam cook. it is just as you said, it is getting cold out there. there may not be too much inland and more so towards san mateo coast and in the santa cruz mountains and the peninsular, today we will take a closer look but today highs upper 40s and very low 50s, here is sal. traffic is moving well around the bay area but you could be looking at black ice or looking at it is not the right way to say it, you could
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encounter some black ice so be careful. northbound is okay on your way to san francisco, but northbound 101 is slow so ywatch out for that. >> -- so watch out for that. sheriff's deputies say he had a live alligator guarding his potato. joining us from oakland, the gator called mr. teeth was taken. >> reporter: good morning, yes, we are just down the street from the alligator and that gator is now being treated. i want to show you a picture of mr. teeth because the gator is getting a lot of attention this morning. this is a cainen alligate and it is five feet long and again it is being treated at the zoo and probably will go into
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quarentine if it is acid as officials think it is right now. we will take you to unincorporated county -- and they went to this house where this 32-year-old man was living. they say he was on probation and they were doing a random check at the house and you can imagine a random surprise when they looked into one of the bedrooms. >> the alligator wall found in a bedroom to where the marijuana was kept. as soon as you get near the tank, the alligator gets agitated. >> this is the 34 pounds of processed marijuana buds and the man who was living in this home is in the jail and he is facing charges of marijuana
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possession and marijuana sale and he is likely to face a charge of possession of an exact particular and -- exotic animal. we are also looking into the background of the suspect and we will look into where you can buy these alligators coming up on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. police have been looking for a san jose man who police say suffers from dementia. he was last seen leaving his home on organization charred way -- orchard way. he also has a land yard with
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family contact information on it. the heartbreaking long wait for kayla garret goes on. the tests of the bones did not come from garret. the fragment was linked to two girls who had already been identified. the search for this girl's daughter must start from scratch again. a man turned himself in to police for killing his own mother. he called police to his home just before noon. he led them to the body of 89- year-old stand worth. in 1966 he was sentenced to death for killing two teenage girls and his sentence was reduced to life and he was
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paroled. coming up in 11 minutes, the three finalists one has been instrument tall in one of the deadliest massacres in u.s. history. holding three more meetings about gun violence at the white house. including the national rifle association. he is also scheduled to sit down with representatives from the entertainment industry. they will need to come up with more on gun violence. they experienced the first gun buy back program and people who live in san francisco and contra costa counties can also participate. they will offer $200 for semi ought weapons and they will also select violent video
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games. now the buy back is on tuesday. they are at police heats in -- headquarters in novato and in a substation out in path rays. >> -- point rays. he was asked to close the budget gap. that is far less than facing the state two years ago. according to the sacramento bee, k through 12 will receive more money thanks to the tax hike. still he is facing fiscal discipline for the year ahead. they plan to hold rallies state wide. they are calling on leaders to restore funding for programs for children with disabilities
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and elsers. -- elders. they are looking into the investigation into the oil tanker accident from san francisco bay. they are looking into whether the sign was issued properly. a day after, it indicates there may have been trouble with the radar that guides the towers but not directly tied to that incident. >> we will try to figure out if any of those had any bearings. >> it could sore to $3 million. the store will pick up the tab first but we could end up paying for those costly repairs. the new span need one more
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thing. the new eastern span must have security cameras. they have already set aside a security system but it would include upgraded security on the western span and cost a total of $30 million and they would like to discuss details with the chp. here is a look at the commute, how toes it look so far. >> traffic is doing well, we do have some road work but it is not causing major delays on your commute. let's look at the mcarthur maze, and the bay bridge, from the oakland side, from san francisco to oakland, some of
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that road work has been picked up. be very careful especially if you are driving in some areas where where was freezing on the road. >> the coldest air has not come in yet and it is a little tougher to get some of that shower activity going but my good friend said i'm sure we can take a look at that in just a second. the wind will hold things up a little bit. it is more off the coast there but from the san mateo coast, definitely down to monterey, and they are starting to paint some shower activity and in
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anybody is getting snow on twitter, you can e-mail me and it sure looks like things are cold enough and it will get colder throughout the tie. it will be scattered showers sun and clouds and some areas will be hard pressed to get up above 49. the areas are still upstream and this will last all the way to sunday. so colder, showers, very low snow levels. 48 in santa rosa. a little snow or rain mix and this is so close. there will be another system dropping down, a nikkei one and i see it and next week after this cold it does look sunny and warmer, pam. a bizarre twist, it ended
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and the plot police say ended with a dramatic scene. the reason his signature has been the topic of consideration on social media. >> good morning, it looks good between the tunnel and oakland. we will have more on your morning commute. stay tuned.
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. well, it is getting colder and there is a lot of shower activity and some of that is producing snow. inland is tougher but it will be colder, upper 40s very low 50s. we are now hearing president barack obama could nominate his staff as treasure secretary sometime today. he will replace tim geithner who is stepping down today just as they are preparing for a confrontation with republicans over debt and deficits.
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this is interesting, in jack lou becomes treasury secretary, his signature would appear on every bill. tim geithner said he had to change his signature when he got the job to make it legible. it led to a fatal stabbing. police say they have arrested a cheating wife and his boyfriend and tied them to a bizarre plot. they hired a man to scared the woman's estranged husband to scare him out of moving out. >> she felt this would be a persuasion for a scare tactic to get him to move out of the residence. >> police say the husband finally stabbed the intruder during a struggle inside the home. the husband acted in self- defense and is not being
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charged. meanwhile hiss estranged wife and three others in jail facing murder charges. a man who spearheaded the murder in colorado shooting, he is on the short list of becoming police chief. they interviewed the finalists and they are former santa clara police chief kevin kyle, tom lawrence and aurora colorado chief dainties. >> that has been screened and vetted down to... >> now they have to approve the next chief and while there is no timetable, the chief retires tomorrow. they are investigating a sewerage leak that created a foul mess in oakland.
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they showed surround dripping down on tuesday. the sewerage line became blocked by some roots of redwood trees. nobody was allowed to use water or something vital to us being there but everybody handled it as well as they could under the circumstances. >> there was no sewerage but potentially, it also forced the hospital to cancel surgeries and divert some ambulances. jerry sandusky and his appeal will have him in court and his lawyers said they did not have enough time to prepare
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for his trial. he has been sentenced to a 15 year period for abusing boys and he said he is innocent. the california attorney general is look inginto how app makers are maintaining privacy issues. from the very beginning of the project, they are into something else, it has guidelines, not -- guidelines and not regulations. the basketball team has been sold and they were reportedly close to buying them but the investor say they would be moved to the area. they are trying to keep the kings in sacramento. san francisco 49er fans are
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asking the football goods for a win saturday night. >> there shall not be no player too good and we shall not overcome. >> and up on fillimore street, they had trouble keeping the $12 candles in stock. >> you just light the candle and say a silent prayer and the candle does the rest and hopefully the team does the rest. >> local bars are planning for huge crowds while some green bay packers play and only 49ers fans are welcome. coverage against at 4:00 saturday. kickoff is just after five -- just after 5:00. 448 is the time. a lot of talk about football
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right now, sal. >> it is a huge game and i am already getting nervous, pam. >> i bet. >> let's look at what we have, traffic is doing well for this august morning and now eastbound 80 you see some flashing lights and it is not causing any delay the and it looks like it might be mooching off the freeway whatever that is but it is not causing any delays at all. we are also, once it prepares each night it is 4:44 let's go to steve. have i interesting pattern. not only do we get the cold, but next week looks sunny and warm and maybe we could get a lot of rain. we have the cold right now and
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some of this cold is producing some shower activity 30s on the terms to your and the coldest air has not moved in yet it is about really over towards pacific can -- pacifica and there is more land and it's more supportive. ben low man 2500 feet. a lot of 30s so i would not be surprised if they want to mix it but i tell you this is close to to getting sun and showers. scattered showers, these are showers, usually i say rain but very low snow levels and
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temperatures today they will struggle mightily. it is already off the coast and colder and showery and it will be a three dog night. 30s give way to 0s and 50s. there will be a series of weak system almost i am pack to time. it will keeps cruel and then another week. thank you pam. we have new information about a teen who died in south lake tahoe what they revealed was running through her my including her death.
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and they are trapped and the reason nobody has been able to help them, stay tuned, we are coming right back.
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. welcome back, time now 4:53, scalpers are trying to make a quick buck off of president barack obama's inauguration. they are being sold for up to $2,000 on ebay. they usually hand them out to
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constituents and scalping tickets is not illegal but they do discourage from doing it. honoring a memorial from a husband, it used to sit at a park. it contained the names of 16 people who lost their lives. a transient noticed the plaque missing sometimes around christmas. it was probably missing for its metal value. they are asking people to be on the lookout for it. they are making some big changes when it comes to chair lift safety. he fell to his death from a chair lift last season. 13 new safety measures are in place including unprecedented lists and wheelchair users will
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be required to sit with an adult. she was likely disoriented and yesterday's reports turned up no sign of injury or trauma. she had a continued a music festival before reportedly wandering through snow and taking off her ski jacket and then freezing on a snowbank. snow footprints show disorientation. they are trapped by ice in the hudson bay. take a look, these organization cans are -- these whales are sharing a hole to breathe out of and experts are trying to look into breaking the ice to clear a path for them to move
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through. >> we are off to a decent start and we had some earlier road work and that work has been cleared on 101. southbound just passed that ups building, so far you can see it is not causing a big traffic jam. but if you are driving to the bay bridge, it is light, coming into san francisco, no major problems itself. if you are driving in san jose, the traffic looks good on the peninsular and 101 and 280 are off to a good start. 4:55 let's go to steve. >> snow is down to at least 1,500 feet and that goes to the day and i'll take a look we could get snow on the summit and i will keep an eye on that and it looks like snow mix. frost advisory and freeze warnings are out.
4:58 am
by this time tomorrow some of the coldest air will move in tonight into tomorrow morning. lots of shower activity. this is favoring areas close to the coast coming right down out of the northwest, inland is tougher and there is some light snow up there. this is anywhere near the coast. i think have i active and almost the marin and just towards the monterey area, most of it. then you can see it moves in on the peninsular so on skyline, keep keeps this and again i have seen temperatures and it will develop as this testimony begins to drop in and we will
4:59 am
continue to reinforce it over the weekend. upper 40s and very low 50s, it is going to be a very chilly day. it is going to be cool and breezy for everybody and mainly a long parallel to the coast and again on friday and the weekend, very, very cool, cold in the morning, one more system on sunday, pam. >> all right, thanks for the warning steve. coming up next, a convicted killer from vallejo, he makes a shocking phone call and how it led to a new investigation. also an alligator from caster valley is make headlines coast to coast, how that gator is tied to a drug case.

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